Joe Cocker in Ljubljana

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On Monday I was shooting a concert of Joe Cocker. The new Stozice hall was full and I think he didn’t disappoint the people in there. Despite his age he still knows how to sing and his voice is just amazing. And there is one more thing: We were alowed to take pictures only the first song!


Workers of Vegrad

•November 15, 2010 • 3 Comments

Workers of insolvent construction company Vegrad haven’t gotten their salaries since May and are living in horrible flats.

Weekend in Bratislava

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During the weekend I was in Bratislava again. It was sunny and 20 degrees. The main reason why I went there was to pick up my new kayak. I also did some training on the whitewater course there and in the evening I went to the city centre for a walk. In this evening I did the most of the photos.

La biennale

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Last Saturday I went to Venice with Ana, Barbara and Simon to see the architecture biennale. The whole day was cloudy and fogy so I was sleepy and annoying. Of course one day is not enough to see everything so we were in hurry all the time. The Venice are so expensive, the money just disappears from your pocket. Firstly you have to pay parking than the ferry and then ticket, and once you are in, you have to buy food inside because if you leave the area you have to buy a new ticket… But we saw some amazing work, got some ideas and had fun. And that is the most important!

Climbing in Osp

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On the 10th of November I went climbing with Lana, Črt and Sara in Osp. It was one of the last warm, sunny days in the October and actually yesterday was the first day after the one we went climbing that it was sunny again. The  autumn colors were really nice.  It was the first time for me to climb on the rock outside and I just love it, it definitely wasn’t the last time. And I also took my camera on the wall 🙂

Floods from the air

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After one of the biggest floods ever to hit Slovenia arrived in September, I managed to take some photos from the air just when all the clouds had disappeared and there were huge amounts of water covering the marsh near Ljubljana, and also parts of the city. The weather was amazing and the colours were really special. Mother nature really impressed me with her beauty but on the other hand there were many homes and farms sticking out of the water. A day before I had been canoeing and walking between the houses, doing reportage and hearing many sad stories, and now I could saw the same houses from the air. It was sad. Actually I was surprised that people who had lost their crops, whose animals were in the water and whose houses were flooded were very strong mentally. If this had happened to me, I wouldn’t be as half as strong as they were.

Streets of Vienna, design week and more…in 3 days

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